My Top Essential Browser Plugins!


The internet can be a pain sometimes, so here's a list of plugins to make it a bit easier to use!

uBlock Origin - Ad Blocker

Everywhere you go on the internet, you are bombarded with a constant stream of ads. These ads can be big, intrusive, distracting, and can often ruin a page.

There are many different ad blockers out there, but the most popular (and most effective from my testing) is uBlock Origin, which will block all sorts of ads and trackers, giving you a much cleaner internet browsing experience, without impacting your computer too much.

You can get it here:
uBlock Origin Website 

TwiBlocker - Twitch Ad Blocker

While you can get rid of ads on Twitch by subscribing to your favourite streamers, not everyone has infinite pockets. Unfortunately, the ads on Twitch are long, obnoxious, and un-skippable, meaning simply enduring them is a massive test of patience.

Luckily, TwiBlocker does exactly what you'd expect it to do. It will block any and all video and banner ads on Twitch, so you can watch your favourite streamers interruption-free. It also has a built-in proxy.

Note: It is recommended that you use this extension along with uBlock Origin

Update (06/08/2023): TwiBlocker got removed from the Chrome addons store a while ago as it was falsely flagged as malware by Google's systems. It now needs to be installed manually.

You can get it here:
TwiBlocker Website

SponsorBlock - YouTube Sponsor Segment Skipper

This one is for anyone who often finds themselves watching YouTube videos.
Due to some questionable practices from YouTube, many creators have resorted to taking external sponsorships and integrating ads into their videos. While these extra ads can sometimes be entertaining and contribute to the video, they're usually pace-destroying generic dishonest script reads.

SponsorBlock picks from an infinitely growing database to figure out where sponsor segments are in videos, and automatically skip past them so you can watch videos without interruption. It also lets you skip intro animations, merch plugs, tangents, previews, and those "like comment and subscribe" parts, saving you a lot of time.

You can get it here:
SponsorBlock Website 

NoFT & DoucheBlock - Twitter Content Blockers

Here's a double-feature for Twitter users. The bird app is known as a toxic cesspit, and it's for a good reason. Some people on there are truly awful, ranging from annoying to downright dangerous.

NoFT automatically blocks any accounts that use NFT profile pictures, cutting those scamming environment-destroying crypto-bros out of your Twitter feed. Meanwhile, DoucheBlock lets you automatically block people based on keywords in their username or bio, making it perfect for getting rid of all sorts of annoying people.

Note: DoucheBlock might not work if uBlock Origin is installed. To fix this, go to the uBlock Origin dahsboard and type "@@*$popup,domain=" into "My filters".

You can get NoFT here:
NoFT Website 

You can get DoucheBlock here:
DoucheBlock Website 

FrankerFaceZ - Twitch Enhancer

Another one for Twitch users, this plugin adds a bunch of extra features to Twitch.
Free extra emotes (with 7TV compatibility), an enhanced user interface, improved moderation tools, real-time volume balancing, and so much more come in this neat package!

You can get it here:
FrankerFaceZ Website 

That's all the plugins I have for now. Happy browsing!